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Furthest west in Norway you will find Stadlandet, a legendary region untouched and off the beaten path - even in 2018.

We call it our world for various reasons. From sub sea levels with pristine diving sites to white sand beaches that offer great surf to the rising mountains in the back - we have activities all year round that will give you memories for a lifetime.

After a day full of activities or just wandering around and finding tranquillity, our Pub and Restaurant offer you fantastic and un-travelled local food. Out here, we produce the finest proteins - wild Goat and wild Sheep, free roaming Pigs and Cattle as well as Deer provided by the local hunters are on our meat menu.

But let us not forget about the ocean that surrounds us and all the seafood it has to offer for us - local produced fish, from Cod to Halibut, Wolfish and Monkfish - you name it. Crabs, Lobster and Scallops it´s all here and fresh preserved and served.

With a vivid Viking history our saga goes back more then a 1000 years and the development hasn´t stopped there. Modern Industry within fishing and other branches support a lot of local families. Amongst them is our direct partner for sustainable fishing, Ervik Havfiske - the worlds largest line fishing operator to date.

Again, welcome to our world, let us help you discover this little planet.



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Wild coast goats - the only ones left in the world live here


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